Tuesday, September 30, 2008


In my deep desire to have information about how the Kaaagapay is doing all these years, I created this blog so all the classmates could feed informations, news, updates and photos.

After finally went out of service, (nagpaalam ako kay Lord) that I had enough in the PNP...na miss ko talaga ang buhay parak! I don't know pero sa palagay ko tama rin desisyon ko... if i could no longer be an asset anymore..i dont wanna be a liability. Although, i have a colorful and full of actions and secrets in the PNP...na-realized ko na di ko na makukuha ang lahat na dreams ko sa buhay...so decided to go back to civilian life... sa bagay nasa tao yan... at isa siguro ako dun sa masisira kaya umalis na ako, dahil sa sarili kong mga desisyon.

I remember nung nag uusap kami ng nasirang Classmate Frumencio Lafuente, he died in police action ( my respect and salute)... gagawa kami ng petition to give us reserved 2LT of the AFP the chance to be absorbed as PNP Inspectors...pero naubusan ng time.

Marami sa PNP ang reserved 2LT sa PNP na dapat bigyan ng chance to be officers. Pero ganun talaga ang life, iba-iba ang tinutunguhan....

.... masaya ako sa mga nanatili sa serbisyo at sana manatili ako sumiserbisyo sa Filipino sa ibang pamamaraan. Please accept my snappy salute sa mga patuloy na naglilingkod ng tapat at kahit sa hindi tapat.... mabuhay ang class Kaaagapay 1996!

Ganun pa man, di ko inaalis ang natutunan ko sa PNP... the attitude that the class has. Sabi nga, "attitude lang yan!"

Malaki ang utang na loob ko sa PNP... pero di naman dehado sa aming mga umalis sa serbisyo kasi naging magaling at matikas naman kaming alagad ng batas, di ba classmate Jun?

Tulad ng pagpasok sa serbisyo... mahirap din ang bumalik sa buhay-sibilyan. Kaya sa mga classmates na lalabas o magreretiro na sa serbisyo... wish you luck..

Bakit ba ako umalis?

Nung lumalaki na ang mga anak ko, lumalaki na rin ang needs. Tumataas ang pangarap at umiikli ang time para abutin sila. Get the equation...

So i need to weigh... and i decided na may career pa rin outside government service... but life after government service in the Philippines is so uncertain...

Basta masipag ka lang tulad ng sipag natin sa PNP... di ka lalayuan ng swerte...
What inspired me most ay yung mga nauna sa aking lumabas ng serbisyo, sina Classmates Joel Ros, JV, Noel Hubahib, and Greg Liwag. Thanks to these guys, they gave me options....




The rest is still history in the making..

Keep Safe!

Monday, September 22, 2008

PNP-ASG Mission and Function

Our Mission

To secure all the country's airports against offensive and terroristic acts that threaten civil aviation, exercise operational control and supervision over all agencies involved in airport security operations, enforce all laws and regulations relative to air travel protection and safety plan, coordinate and implement measures to protect foreign and local tourists including frequented places, balikbayans, departing and returning Overseas Filipino Workers.

Our Functions

1. Secure all port against offensive and terroristic acts that threaten civil aviation;
2. Undertaken aviation anti-terrorism security measures and operations;
3. Exercise operational control and supervision over all agencies involved in airport security operations in coordination with airport authorities;
4. Enforce all laws and regulations relative air travel and safety;
5. Perform proficiency check on technical personnel and conduct preventive maintenance on aviation security equipment;
6. Provide necessary security assistance to all visiting foreign and local tourists, dignitaries and balikbayans;
7. Undertake necessary measures at all specified tourist frequented places in the country;
8. Provide airport security services to departing and returning overseas Filipino workers;
9. Provide airport security services upon direction or request and in coordination with other PNP units, panel or sanitize the venues where conventions/meetings attended by foreign nationals/visiting dignitaries/VIPs are held;
10. Conduct periodic training to develop and enhance skills in order to professionalize the personnel;
11. Administer the K-9 breeding farm and conduct regular training on Explosive Detector Dogs (EDD);
12. Maintain peace and order and take all necessary steps to ensure the provision of public safety services within airport complexes; and
13. Perform other tasks as maybe directed by higher authority.
Year 2004 Performance Highlights:
Securing the airports and ensuring air travel safety
The PNP Aviation Security Group is mandated to secure all airports against acts that threaten Civil Aviation, exercise operational control and supervision over all agencies involved in the airport security operations, and enforce all agencies involved in the airport security operations, and enforce all laws and regulations related to air travel protection and safety.
ASG personnel are responsible for directing persons and vehicles to restricted areas, identifying positive crews to include passenger baggage using combination of x-ray inspection machines, walk-thru metal detectors and handled metal scanners. Other functions include the inspection and securing of cargoes, conduct of visibility patrols, information gathering, and general law enforcement within the airport complex.
The Group has a Special Operations Unit and K-9 that can carry out active anti-hijacking and counter-terrorism operations, explosive or ordnance detection and disposal. It also has trained negotiators to resolve crisis situations. During an airport crisis, the unit is capable of performing armed intervention or aircraft assault to terminate the crisis situation. As a whole, the security of an airport is a collaborative effort of the ATO or Airport Authority, PNP-ASG and the airline operators.
ASG nuanced Neighborhood Partnership Programs to build stronger police-community partnership. Community outreach programs centered on winning the hearts and minds of the citizenry include: the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between SILG, PNP and private entities in activating the Police Air Auxiliary Unit, Inc., Jet Riders Club Incorporated (Bubuyog), Korean Assistance Program and the ASIA Consultancy - sponsored Japanese Tourist Assistance Program. NGOs are PNP partners in police operations and peace and order activities, volunteering a resources and services and serving as force-multiplier of the ASG and the PNP in general.
The ASG continues to maintain the initiative and sustain the war against terrorism, never compromising the unpredictable aviation security environment, and thereby ensuring safe gateways for investments and commerce, and helping the economy to stabilize.