Monday, September 07, 2009


I have received recently an email being circulated around the internet regarding unpleasant photo (above) of an Air Force general of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. I am not sure about the origin of the email but I am positive it was from a civilian.

It reminds of Darna and Ding.

Let me bring you a little back in time, more than a decade maybe.

I was with the Philippine National Police for quite a long time before I decided to go out and live a peaceful and simple life. But my basic militray introduction and orientation was mostly of the air force, being a reservist of this branch. I used to be the Wing Commander of the ROTC back in my college days, and was Troop Commander of the whole reservist during AFP reservist days back in 1993 when Gen. Edgardo Pantilla ordered my relief from post right at the end of the "Pasam Masid" (Pass and Review) because of a wrong cadence of mine. I was really embarassed, but I had to accept that as an honorable cadet officer of the Sandiwa Class of 93. However, I finished my Probationary Second Lieutentant Course (MS-43) in 1994.

I was supposed to join candidate school in Tanay, unfortunately, during those times the "anak ng Diyos" had the priority, my name was knocked out from the list along with other "anak ng maglulupa" who were in the list prior to jump-off.

From our very young age, we endured physical training on a daily basis, and military hazing was part of it. We never complained as this is our choice as man, as part of shaping us to become man among men. Although this is not really accepted in Filipino society, cariƱo militar is far from civilian fraternity initiations and I agree to have this in all forms of police and military training. Com'on drop down that eye brow. Ours is objective and done professionally, rigid and risky but useful in real combat operations.

Also, in most of our military courses, leadership and drill and ceremeny were always part of the curriculum because that is how the militray life is all about -- living under commands and orders.

That's why when I entered the PNP, it was easy for me to cope up along with my fellow AFP reservists. Actually most of us during recruit days held important positions in the corps of PNP-Aviation Security Group Kaagapay Class of 1996. I was the platoon leader of first platoon, while Classmate Jose Rico Lanoria was the class marcher (he is now a Police Chief Inspector).

But the point of this blogpost is the photo above. I cannot talk and explain so much about it since the picture spoke about itself. You can relate the fine officer's weter-sensitivity to that US soldier in the background, to the man carrying him, to the fight with the Abu Sayyaf and other rebels, and to all aspects of military discipline. Maybe the general had forgotten his Military Professionalism and opted to be dried and clean.

Well, he is in clear position to say, " I am not a navy man". So he needs to fly in the air just like Ding, Darna's sidekick.

Hydrophobia? Does photo suggest he can fight anywhere but never in waters, never under the rains and he needs an umbrella while marching on parade ground.

Good luck sir, fly high and hope you can bring a good example out of your attitude, may you be a part of all military trainings and classroom instructions as typical example of a "good officer."

"As I am not speaking for all the members of the Kaagapay Class in this opinion, I hope the fine general also does not represent everyone in the AFP."

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